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Checklist- Pilates Instructor June 2019


Welcome to Life Time Academy! We are exited for you to join us for the Comprehensive Pilates program. Please ensure you have completed the below items so you are ready for your online class to begin on Monday, June 24!

Questions? Contact us! (p) 952.401.2672 (e)

You should have received your Enrollment Agreement via email. Please complete and sign your agreement to register for your classes.

The student uniform identifies you as an approved student of Life Time Academy and provides you with specific privileges while learning within Life Time facilities. 

The uniform purchase is the responsibility of the student and was not included in the tuition cost. Please follow the instructions provided to order your materials.

  • Required Uniform:
    • Life Time Academy T-Shirt (Red or Black)
      •  Order Shirt HERE
    • Black workout Pants, Shorts or Capri
      • Not required if you already own a pair!

Life Time Academy values your commitment to your education! To provide you with the best experience, we subsidize a Diamond-level Student Membership to Life Time for every student*.

Your Student Membership provides you access to Life Time Facilities and classes. Additionally, your Membership dues account is where your tuition transactions are charged. PLEASE NOTE: You will need to update your payment information for successful payment of your tuition. See 'Finalize Tuition Payment Method' for more information.

To learn more, choose the membership option that represents your current status.

  • Non-existing Life Time Members
    • You have been emailed a request to create your Life Time Academy Student Membership. Please complete the steps within your email.
  • Life Time Members on a FAMILY or COUPLE Membership
    • You will need to create a Life Time Academy Student Membership.
    • You have been emailed a request to create your Life Time Academy Student Membership. Please complete the steps within your email.
  • Life Time Members on a SINGLE or *EMPLOYEE Membership,
    • You do not need to complete any additional steps. You will receive an email confirmation regarding any changes to your membership prior to the start of class.
    • *Employee memberships will not be converted as your membership is included with employment.

Within your Enrollment Agreement, you have chosen to either pay your tuition:

  • In full


  • Monthly Payment Arrangement (4 months, paid the 15th of each month)

Your payment is processed via the Membership Dues payment method on your Life Time Membership. Please confirm that your payment method on file is accurate.

  • To Review your Membership Dues payment method:
    • Log onto your mylt account and go to 'Profile', 'Account', 'Payment Options'.
      • If you do not have a mylt account, you will need to have your 9-digit membership number available to create one.
  • To Update your Membership Dues payment method:
    • Contact Katie Ressie at 952-401-2672

You will have access to your online courses in the Learning Well on June 24. Please use your current login credentials to access your account.

  • As a certified PPC2 instructor, you will notice that some of the material within the term is a review. Your first term serves as a competency checkpoint to prepare you for the Advanced coursework in Term 4. Some of your attendance is optional and outlined below.


  • Online Course. You will have access to your online course Monday, June 24. You will have weekly reading, assignments and quizzes you will need to complete. You are still responsible for working through all of the online material and quizzes. This is an opportunity to ensure you are prepared for success before moving on to Term 4.


  • Online Webinars. There is an online webinar hosted weekly. There are 2 options for attendance and you are required to attend the first week's webinar; after week 1, your webinar attendance is optional but encouraged to keep you connected to your instructors and peers.


  • Live Weekend Modules. Each term hosts 3 live weekend modules.
    • WHEN: Fridays & Saturdays; 1-7pm
      • Weekend 1: Friday 6/28/19 & Saturday 6/29/19
        • ATTENDANCE OPTIONAL. Your first weekend is optional as it will be a review of material you have already learned. If you are seeking to brush up on material or confirm your abilities, we encourage your attendance.
      • Weekend 2: Friday 7/26/19 & Saturday 7/27/19
        • ATTENDANCE REQUIRED. This weekend will combine some review material as well as introduce the following:
          • A practical workshop on upper body alignment
          • Learning to teach group mat on the reformer
          • Teaching with imagery
      • Weekend 3: Saturday 8/17/19
        • ATTENDANCE REQUIRED. This is the checkpoint before Advanced Term 4. All students should attend this day.
    • WHERE:
      • Life Time location designated within your Enrollment Agreement.
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