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Specializing in Corrective Exercise can stretch your earning potential along with your clients’ ability to reduce the risk of injury.

By becoming a Corrective Exercise Specialist, you’ll take your fitness career and ability to help your clients to new levels. You’ll learn how to assess clients in a whole new way. It will help you better identify their movement compensations, where they are weak or strong, and hone your ability to use that knowledge to design effective and efficient programs.

You’ll take your ability to assess clients from generalized to specific, breaking assessments down into smaller, more in-depth pieces so you can identify different parts of the body in need of attention.

Corrective Exercise Specialist

1.9 NASM Credits
2.0 ACE Credits

  • Bi-weekly Instructor-led discussions & supported office hours
  • 21 Lecture Videos
  • 23 Demo Videos
  • 7 downloadable resources
  • 1 Year to Complete the Final Exam
  • 100% Online; Access on all Devices

Corrective Exercise Specialist FAQ

The depth of learning is greater than that of learning directly online to receive the CES certification. Life Time Academy’s commitment is to assist our students to apply skills in the workplace with the areas of emphasis that we know are valuable to your career success.

Online Course.  4-6 hrs/week.

There are weekly scheduled readings, online lectures, videos, activities, assignments and/or quizzes. On average, our students have about 6-8 hours of weekly study.

Virtual Webinars. 1hr/every other week

The Online Instructor hosts an interactive webinar that provides a deep-dive into the online curriculum and preps students with skills to apply the online learning. Each webinar is recorded so you can go back and review the material covered at any time.

Life Time Academy Certificate of Completion

NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist

Corrective Exercise is imperative in addressing movement imbalances that cause posture, stability, and mobility issues. It allows fitness professionals to identify problems and potential limitations in a client's movements. Read more about why Corrective Exercise is important.

A Corrective Exercise Specialist is an expert in human movement. They accurately analyze a client's movement patterns, identify overactive and under-active muscle groups and compensations. Read more about what a Corrective Exercise Specialist does and who should become an NASM-CES.

People who hold a Corrective Exercise Specialization can work at a wide range of fitness facilities including gyms, health clubs, sports performance centers, recovery centers, healthcare offices and fitness studios.

No. Life Time Academy does not guarantee job placement as employment is always at the full discretion of the employer. However, we do offer Placement Assistance:

  • Partnership with Life Time. We guarantee each of our graduates will receive an interview with Life Time, if Life Time is a desired potential employer. *Graduates do need to apply for a position before being offered the interview.
  • Additional Placement Services. We strive to help you find a job you love. We are always connecting with potential employers and send updated info on job postings as we learn about them. If you are curious about the jobs in your area, give us a call; we’re happy to help you on your search!

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Our Admission Specialists can answer any questions you may have about the program, schedule, cost or expectations.

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