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Life Time Academy partners with Peak Pilates® to deliver an understanding of the classical Pilates method that Joseph Pilates intended by providing the necessary tools and practice needed to become a Pilates instructor that can execute an integrated, safe and effective training experience.

Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Program Includes:

  • 32 weeks, 452 contact hours, 26 credits
  • Life Time Academy Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Certificate of Completion
  • Ability to sit for the Pilates Method Alliance- CPT (the PMA is a 3rd party examination, internationally recognized credential)
  • Currently available in the following locations: Schaumburg, IL, St Louis Park, MN & San Antonio, TX

Not Just Certified. Qualified. Becoming a Pilates Instructor takes time and practice. The Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Program lays the groundwork for you to become not just a certified professional, but a qualified professional.

The Comprehensive Curriculum Covers:

  • How to lead effective full session private lessons and group classes in mat, reformer, tower, chairs, barrels and auxiliary equipment.
  • Expands individual skills in coaching, mastery of movement and development of progression.
  • Examines the basics of special populations for general low back pain, chronic neck and should pain, and knee and hip issues.
  • Completion of the program meets the requirements to take the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certification exam.

Learn from Experienced Professionals. Our faculty include highly qualified Pilates professionals that have received special training to lead courses and coach students through the Pilates Instructor process. Through weekly webinars, weekend modules and end of term assessments, your instructors will steer you towards success and hold you accountable throughout your training.

Comprehensive Pilates Courses by Term

Courses & Terms are listed in required sequence
Term 1: Introduction to Pilates (8 weeks, 92 contact hr, 6 credits)Cost
PI1010: Introduction to Pilates (40 contact hr, 3 credits)
PI1020: Pilates Exercise Teaching Fundamentals (52 contact hr, 3 credits)
Term 2: Foundations of Pilates (8 weeks, 108 contact hr, 6 credits)
PI1030: Pilates Teaching Skills (56 contact hr, 3 credits)
PI1040: Pilates Exercise & Technique Progression-1 (52 contact hr, 3 credits)
Term 3: Intermediate Pilates (8 weeks, 126 contact hr, 7 credits)
PI1050: Pilates Intermediate Teaching Skills (56 contact hr, 3 credits)
PI1060: Pilates Exercise & Technique Progression-2 (79 contact hr, 4 credits)
Term 4: Advanced Pilates (8 weeks, 126 contact hr, 7 credits)
PI1070: Pilates Advanced Teaching Skills (56 contact hr, 3 credits)
PI1080: Pilates Exercise & Technique Progression-3 (70 contact hr, 4 credits)

Enroll in the Comprehensive and Save up to 20% on tuition!

Not interested in a Comprehensive Certification? No problem! You can enroll in the terms individually.

Pilates Instructor FAQ

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Labs are held on Friday's and Saturday's from 1-7pm.

When are the modules?

All Labs meet from 1:00-7:00pm each day* Term 1       Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Introduction Foundations Intermediate Advanced
March 22-May 16 June 7-August 1 October 25-December 19 January 10-March 6
Weekend 1 FRIDAY 4/2/2021 6/18/2021 11/5/2021 1/21/2022
SATURDAY 4/3/2021 6/19/2021 11/6/2021 1/22/2022
Weekend 2 FRIDAY 4/16/2021 7/9/2021 11/19/2021 2/4/2022
SATURDAY 4/17/2021 7/10/2021 11/20/2021 2/5/2022
Weekend 3 FRIDAY 4/30/2021 7/16/2021 12/3/2021 2/18/2022
SATURDAY 5/1/2021 7/17/2021 12/4/2021 2/19/2022
Weekend 4 FRIDAY 5/14/2021 7/30/2021 N/A N/A
SATURDAY 5/15/2021 7/31/2021  N/A  N/A

Yes, the terms are progressive from Introduction to Foundations to Intermediate and finish with Advanced.

With proof of certification you may be eligible for tuition credit. Must be PEAK Pilates certification to qualify.

If level 1 is complete:

  • A student will receive academic credit for the Introduction and Foundations terms.
  • Student will start in Term 3: Intermediate Pilates

If Level 2 is complete:

  • A student will receive academic credit for the Introduction, Foundations and Intermediate terms.
  • Student will start in Term 4: Advanced Pilates

Specific fees/costs will be determined by Life Time Academy admissions, but it is appropriate to communicate students will get a credit and the specific dates of the term they will start will be communicated.

To learn more about your eligibility, please Contact us for more information.

With a Pilates Instructor certification, you can work in a variety of settings depending on your area of focus and your personal schedule and abilities. For example, our graduates have found careers anywhere from large national gyms to smaller boutique studios, self-employment, and beyond.

See available Scholarships & Discounts.

Monthly Financing. If you are unable to pay your course balance in full, you are able to split your tuition payments over each 8-week term into two separate payments.

  • First payment is due by date outlined within student's Enrollment Agreement. All subsequent payments are due the 15th of each month.
  • Tuition must be paid in full in order to receive code to sit for PMA's NCPT exam.
  • A $49.00 Enrollment Fee is processed during the enrollment process for this option.

Life Time Academy does not guarantee job placement as employment is always at the full discretion of the employer. However, we do offer Placement Assistance:

  • Partnership with Life Time. We guarantee each of our graduates will receive an interview with Life Time, if Life Time is a desired potential employer. *Graduates do need to apply for a position before being offered the interview.
  • Additional Placement Services. We strive to help you find a job you love. We are always connecting with potential employers and send updated info on job postings as we learn about them. If you are curious about the jobs in your area, give us a call; we’re happy to help you on your search!

To view the Pilates Instructor Program Course Pathway click HERE.

The Pilates Method Alliance® (PMA®) is the international, not–for–profit, professional association dedicated to the teachings of Joseph H. and Clara Pilates. The PMA Certification Exam is the only actual Pilates Certification in the country. In order to sit for the PMA Exam, you must have completed a comprehensive Pilates training course such as ours. This training will prepare you for the PMA Exam.

Have a Question?

Our Admission Specialists can answer any questions you may have about the program, schedule, cost or expectations.

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