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Educational Background:
BS in Kinesiology, M.A.Ed. in Exercise Physiology with an emphasis on Biomechanics,  NASM CPT, USAW – LVL 1, FMS.

Life Time Academy Vision Statement:
As I learn more and gain more experience, my passion for fitness and wellness continues to grow. Now presented with an opportunity to share my enthusiasm and experiences in a way that can help others achieve success, I have become a giddy child eagerly waiting his turn.

About the Instructor:
I am small in stature, to keep up with my peers during competitive sports I had to train more effectively. Combined with injuries accrued through the years, I began to ask why, and went to school to find answers. The search yielded information on how and why the body works; granting me insights for preventative, rehabilitative and other forms of physical enhancements with exercise. Now all I want to do is share!

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