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Course Description and Objective:

This course is designed to give students the ability learn more about a career in personal training, as well as earn their CPT certification to start working in the industry.  In the fitness industry designing an individualized, systematic and integrated fitness program can be only accomplished with an understanding of the rationale for integrated training.  You will develop the baseline knowledge, skills and abilities to becoming a successful trainer.

Students in this course will learn how to perform fitness assessments and interpret the data to develop individualized, goal-specific exercise programs.  Students will be introduced to the theory and principles of integrated training and they will learn to apply evidence-based techniques to promote flexibility, core stability, balance, cardio-respiratory, and resistance training, as well as basic behavior modification and nutrition guidelines.

Course Topics

Module 1: Evaluation of Human Movement

Module 2: Integrated Training Components

Module 3: The OPT Model and Corrective Exercise interventions

Module 4: Special Populations, Diet, and Business Development


  • Life Time Academy Course Certificate
  • Preparation and opportunity to sit for the NASM CPT exam 


None. A requirement to take NASM CPT Certification Exam: Current CPR/AED and First Aid

"LT Academy is an exciting opportunity because it makes learning the information necessary to be a competent trainer easy & enjoyable."

LTA Student

"I knew that going through LTA, I would be educated in a method and philosophy I really believed in and had experienced firsthand."

LTA Student


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