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Earn Your Personal Training Certification

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Want to become a personal trainer? If you love exercising and want to share your knowledge while also propelling your career, consider earning your personal training certification. Get certified with an accredited organization and you can use that knowledge and passion to create a successful career.

This article will cover how to become certified as a personal trainer, the benefits of becoming one and things to consider when choosing your accredited organization.

There are many ways to get your certification from many different organizations. The top personal training certification programs are:

Personal. Training working with client in gym.

All have varying degrees organized learning, preparation, exam administration, renewal requirements and of course, price. When picking the right certification for you, it’s important to understand what the requirements are and how that aligns with your personal desires to become a Certified Fitness Professional and your desired learning style.

What fitness field are you interested in?

There are many different fitness fields that offer certifications. The most popular ones are Personal Training, Group Fitness Training, Indoor Cycling Instruction, Yoga and Pilates. Each field offers something different, so it’s important to identify what you’re interested in and where your passion is.

The level of certification is also an important factor. There are many fitness levels offered by each organization including the Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor Certificates. Understanding this will help figure out your personal wants and needs as well as how much time you have available for studying before taking the personal trainer exam.

What specializations are offered?

Once you have your field and your original accreditation, you want to take into consideration where you have the most interest right now (knowing that could change). Different certification programs also offer specific classes for things like Corrective Exercise, Performance Enhancement, Nutrition, exercise physiology and dozens of others. When picking a program, keep this in mind so your accreditation association can be your one stop for exams and renewals. It’s best to choose a program with a variety of certifications for each fitness field and level.

Do you need access to a fitness professional or mentor?

If you are an independent learner then any program will likely work for you. All programs have clear course outlines and educational materials including options for hardcover textbooks, digital textbooks and/or audio textbooks.

If you’re not independent learner and prefer to learn either in a group settings or with a dedicated instructor, then there are only a couple programs for you. Two programs offer access to live lectures and/or Live Q&A sessions. Some students also prefer hands-on learning in the format of live labs or learning sessions.

How long does it take to become a personal trainer? 

You have the option of getting your Personal Trainer Certification in as little as three weeks through an online training program with an online exam. You can also get certified by attending school for one or two semesters and completing required coursework. This will generally require more time, more study materials and more education credits but you’ll be able to gain more hands on knowledge, more one-on-one time with professors and learn what it takes to manage and build a successful client based business for yourself.

How much does it cost to become a certified personal trainer?

The average cost of becoming a personal trainer is around $2,000. Some schools can be as high as $20,000 per semester and others are below $500 for the same amount of education. The difference between these programs typically comes down to what you learn in school (classes vs. courses), access to instructors, study guides  and your training facility. It is also beneficial for students to ask their program about potential savings and/or financial assistance available to them

What employment options will you have once you’re certified?

For most certification programs once you get your certification you’re then sent into the wild to find a job at a gym or health club on your own. This often means applying for and interviewing at small gyms or recreation centers in your area.

Why Life Time Academy?

Life Time Academy is the only certification program that guarantees an interview upon successful completion of their programs. They can offer this being apart of Life Time Athletic and Life Time Fitness companies. In addition, students of Life Time Academy also receive access to your nearest Life Time location for training and additional hands-on learning. We partner with NASM and cover the same material and exam as their course but combining that with our hands-on learning and access to an experienced fitness professional is what gives our students and a 90%+ passing rate.

Learn more about our Personal Training Program here or apply here.

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