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Next Cohort Starts August 20th

The Life Time Academy Personal Training certification course is designed to prepare graduates to succeed. Our science-based, integrated approach online offers real world virtual experiences to give students a practical, as well as theoretical, understanding of the work they’ll do in their careers as Personal Trainers.

Time Commitment

Online Coursework (~ 12-15 hours/week)

Live Webinars (1-3 hours/week):

  • Every Tuesday 7:00-8:30pm CST
  • Every other Thursday 7:00-8:30pm CST

NASM Personal Trainer Exam (post course completion)

Course Overview

Week 1: Introduction to Integrated Training

Week 2: Fitness Assessments & Body Systems

Week 3: Cardiorespiratory & Energy Systems

Week 4: Strength Training Concepts: Core & Balance Training

Week 5: Speed/Agility/Quickness & Plyometric Training

Week 6: OPT Model – Phase 1 & 2

Week 7: OPT Model – Phase 3, 4, 5

Week 8: Nutrition, Review & Final Assessment

Premier Personal Trainer Foundations

Our Premier Personal Trainer course provides foundational baseline knowledge, skills, and abilities to prepare you to be successful in the fitness industry.

8- Week PERSONAL TRAINING Certification Tuition & Pricing

Life Time Member Pricing

Course Fees Include:

  • Weekly Webinars
  • Study Guide
  • Exam Fee

Important Dates:

  • Application Deadline: 8/14
  • Enrollment Deadline: 8/16
  • Course Starts: 8/20
Non-Member Pricing

Course Fees Include:

  • Weekly Webinars
  • Complimentary Club Access
  • Study Guide
  • Exam Fee


Important Dates:

  • Application Deadline: 8/14
  • Enrollment Deadline: 8/16
  • Course Starts: 8/20

Life Time Team Members

Life Time team members may be eligible for Life Time tuition assistance. Must have proof of employment (employee ID #).

Healthy Way of Life Scholarship

The Healthy Way of Life Scholarship is open to all incoming students. Pending approval, each recipient is awarded a non-cash scholarship in the amount of 15% off the total tuition charged. The scholarship will be applied directly to the Academy on the recipient’s behalf.

Military Discount

We want to salute all military personnel for their service. To take advantage of our 10% off any course or program, provide us with a copy of your military ID.


When does the next class start?

Applications for the May 14th cohort will open in mid April.

What are the online courses?

Time needed: 12-15 hours per week

There are weekly scheduled readings, online lectures, videos, activities, assignments and/or quizzes. On average, our students have about 6-8 hours of weekly study.

What can I do with a certification?

With a fitness certification, you can work in a variety of settings depending on your area of focus and your personal schedule and abilities. For example, our graduates have found careers anywhere from large national gyms to smaller boutique studios, self-employment, and beyond.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes! See available Scholarships & Discounts.

Monthly Financing. If you are unable to pay your course balance in full, you can opt for a 3-5 month payment arrangement (depending on time of enrollment).

  • First payment is due by date outlined within student’s Enrollment Agreement. All subsequent payments are due the 15th of each month.
  • Tuition must be paid in full in order to receive code to sit for NASM CPT exam.

What makes Life Time Academy different?

The depth of learning is greater than that of learning directly online to receive the CPT certification. Life Time Academy’s commitment is to assist our students to apply skills in the workplace with the areas of emphasis that we know are valuable to your career success.

What are the Virtual Webinars?

Time needed: 1.5-3 hours per week

Each week, the Online Instructor hosts an interactive webinar that provides a deep-dive into the week’s online curriculum and preps students for upcoming Webinars. Each webinar is recorded so you can go back and review the material covered at any time.

  • WHEN: Every Tuesday and every other Thursday 7:00-8:30 pm (CST)

What certification can I earn?

Students that complete the Premier Personal Trainer course are eligible to sit for the NASM – CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) of Distinction.

Does Life Time Academy offer Job Placement?

Partnership with Life Time.  We guarantee each of our graduates will receive an interview with Life Time, if Life Time is a desired potential employer. *Graduates do need to apply for a position before being offered the interview.

Placement Services. We strive to help you find a job you love. We are always connecting with potential employers and send updated info on job postings as we learn about them. If you are curious about the jobs in your area, give us a call; we’re happy to help you on your search!

Have a Question?

Our Admission Specialists can answer any questions you may have about the program, schedule, cost or expectations.

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