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Next Cohort Starts May 14th.

Healthy Way of Life Scholarship


  • The Healthy Way of Life Scholarship is open to all incoming students. Pending approval, each recipient is awarded a non-cash scholarship in the amount of 15% off the total tuition charged. The scholarship will be applied directly to the Academy on the recipient’s behalf.

Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Candidate must be an incoming student of the chosen Life Time Academy program or course.
  • Candidate must have submitted an application for admission.
  • Responses must incorporate all scholarship requirements in order to be considered for approval.
  • All entries become the property of Life Time Academy.


  • Each application question response must exhibit proper grammar and thoughtful answers portraying personal stories, beliefs or anecdotes relative to the questions.
  • This scholarship can be combined with any other Life Time Academy scholarships, unless otherwise specified.

Contact Us to apply!

Are you a Life Time Team Member?

Life Time employees may be eligible for Life Time tuition assistance. Contact us for more information.

Must have proof of employment (employee ID #).

Military Discount

At Life Time Academy, we want to salute all military personnel for their service. To take advantage of our 10% off any course or program, provide us with a copy of your military ID.

*Valid for military personnel and spouses only.

Vocational Rehabilitation or WIA Applicants

Prospective students wishing to attend Life Time Academy under Veterans Educational Benefits (VA), Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits (either through a state agency or a private rehabilitation agency), WIA or other programs, should apply for these benefits through the appropriate agency. Students should submit the agency approvals to Student Services. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain appropriate approvals and submit proper documentation to Life Time Academy. Failure to obtain proper approvals from these agencies could result in the student being 100% financially responsible for the tuition and fees at the published rate.

Can Military students use the Post 9/11 GI Bill?

GI recipients can submit for reimbursement of the cost of the exam fee within the Premier Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor programs. Life Time Academy is also an approved  vendor for vocational rehabilitation benefits through the VA.

Do you offer or accept federal financial aid?

No. However, we currently offer tuition financing payment plans. Contact us for more details.

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