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Next Cohort Starts August 20th
Premier Personal Trainer Course starts today!

Personal Trainer Externship

This course applies the previously learned sciences to functional anatomy, assessments and program design in a practical hands-on training environment.

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Personal. Training working with client in gym.

Corrective Exercise Specialist

The NASM-CES teaches you how to use a variety of static and dynamic assessments to identify imbalances and use the results to design effective programs for your clients.

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Performance Enhancement Specialist

The NASM-PES will prepare you to work with athletes at any level from youth sports to professional athletes.

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Personal Training Certification Classroom

Behavior Change Specialist

Gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities involved in motivating clients to help change health and fitness related behaviors.

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USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

This course experience takes all participants through complete technical progressions of the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and all associated movements.

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Mixed Martial Arts

The NASM-MMACS condition clients of all skill levels with the MMA training techniques employed by top MMA fighters.

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